Changing the Context – Understanding Mental Health

Thursday 23 July 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Dominant discourses around mental health present the ‘problem’ of mental health as being located within the individual, disconnected from their wider social, economic, political and environmental contexts. The solution that follows is to focus on the individual, to ‘fix the disorder’.

While government’s mental health policies and action plans refer to the existence of health inequalities, they provide no analysis as to cause of these inequalities and so fail to address the underlying structural context.

This webinar will explore how we can shift the dominant narrative to a new understanding of mental health, a holistic, connected one that looks at major determinants of mental health – the causes of suffering and trauma such as poverty, discrimination, inequality and violence.

It will also hear from grassroots activists of their efforts to develop an alternative narrative, one aimed at altering existing power relationships and at promoting connectedness.

This webinar is the first in a series of three inter-linked webinars on the theme of ‘Mental Health – Time for a Paradigm Shift’.
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Guest speakers include:
Dr. Sally Zlotowitz – Clinical and Community Psychologist, Psychologists for Social Change
Christine Rocks – #123GP Activist
Jo Watson – Psychotherapist and Activist @dropthedisorder

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