Healing Collective Trauma – a check in…

Facilitated by Rosie Burrows, Director, Relational Resilience CIC,

Saturday 30th May 2020 – 4 to 6pm BST

This workshop will offer a way of compassionately observing where we are on the grief-creative cycle, any survival patterns / traumas – emotions, sensations, beliefs, images, identifications, etc that get triggered and how we can evolve an individual and collective container to safely process our experiences.

This workshop is informed by neuroscience, somatic approaches to the nervous system, developmental approaches to trauma healing and resilience based on present centred,
resourceful and embodied practices.

This is not a therapy group, and anyone experiencing very intense reactions to covid-19 etc is encouraged to reach for additional support at this time.

This is a low cost workshop, offered as such in the context of the covid 19 pandemic,  and the fee is £20. All welcome, regardless of capacity in money – so if you cannot find the fee please contact us.

Rosie Burrows, PhD, BACP,  is a senior accredited supervisor, psychotherapist, trainer, and community/organisational/societal practitioner. She is an award winning researcher on transgenerational trauma in the north/N.Ireland, and has worked locally and internationally.

Rosie is passionate on the common and unique ways each of us can contribute to social and personal evolution at this time. Rosie is a member of Women Aloud NI, Sing for Earth, Regeneration and Wellbeing Group, a Gestalt Women’s Writing Group and international networks and organisations.  drrosieb@gmail.com  www.rosieburrows.com

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