Need to Talk


We offer Emotional support and Living with Sight Loss courses for people affected by sight loss.

Phone: 0303 123 9999
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Need to Talk offers free counselling and Living with Sight Loss courses for people with sight loss living in Northern Ireland.

Our team of counsellors and Living with Sight Loss coordinators have lots of experience gained over many years of working with people affected by sight loss.

Through confidential telephone or online counselling and Living with Sight Loss courses, we support individuals through these difficult times.

We work with people of all ages, including children and young people (11 years plus), as well as people who are supporting a person with sight loss who may also need someone to talk to.

Online counselling

With online counselling you can get the support you need using your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You’ll be able to talk with your counsellor in one of the following ways:


Email gives you the opportunity to think about the important issues that you will work through, with the added flexibility of sending your email reply whenever you want, day or night. You will receive a reply from your counsellor at a set day and time each week.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing (for example with Skype) using your computer, tablet or smartphone gives you the opportunity to chat, face-to-face in real time, in complete confidence with your counsellor.

Instant messaging

With instant messaging (for example with WhatsApp) you will be able to have a real time, text-based conversation with your counsellor.

Whichever option you decide to use we usually recommend up to eight online sessions, lasting up to 50 minutes each.

Understanding Sight Loss

It’s really important that you have an understanding of sight loss. This is because our customers will expect everyone involved with RNIB to have a basic understanding of what sight loss is, the main challenges our customers can face, and what RNIB can do to help.

Our volunteering commitment

We commit to support you in your volunteering by:

We expect you to commit to:

o Led by blind and partially sighted people;

o Collaborative;

o Creative;

o Inclusive;

o Open.

 We have a Volunteer Council which you can be part of .

The Volunteer Council is a group of around 12 volunteers who meet on a quarterly basis (over Skype/conference call) with our Volunteering and Resourcing Team to share their feedback and discuss improvements they would like to make to the volunteer experience. They represent the volunteer voice in RNIB.

Membership changes after the sixth meeting (with a new group joining every 18 months).