Join the Action Trauma Network

Following the recent Virtual Trauma Recovery Summit in 2021 – bringing together over 2000 professionals from over 60 countries – Action Trauma asked delegates if they believed that networking with other like-minded delegates was important for their professional development. They weren’t surprised to find that over 90% of delegates said yes.

They core belief is that trauma is not an illness. It is an injury and it can be healed. The Action Trauma Network brings together like-minded professionals working across various sectors of society, but all with one common goal. Healing trauma!

The purpose of the Action Trauma Network will be to primarily connect professionals/like-minded individuals working with clients/patients affected by trauma, to bring hope, recovery, resilience, and healing, by having direct resources and contact information to reach out to each other and learn from each other’s expertise and knowledge. There will be a small subscription fee and many benefits such as free webinars, conference discounts, resources, video content and more.