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2019 Workshop Programme

The Gestalt Centre Belfast is offering a programme of workshops over the next year. Some are aimed at those who already work as counsellors and psychotherapists (labelled CP), some are open workshops for anyone working with people (PP) or interested in personal development (PD). The facilitators are Gestalt psychotherapists and trainers. The programme aims:

  1. To address some of the recurring practice issues and concerns of therapists, counsellors and other helping professions, which have emerged during our work with trainees and supervisees over time.
  2. To provide a space to explore the many ways we become aware of ourselves and others – the sensory, physiological, intellectual, affective, imaginative, behavioural and relational.
  3. To work experientially, i.e., the participants’ experience will contribute to shaping the workshops.

The Belfast venue and details will be confirmed on receipt of an email requesting an application form. Please email The fee is £110 (GCB Associate Member £95). If applying for several workshops, contact us regarding payment terms.


2-3 March 2019: The dance of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ (PP, PD and CP)
Exploring the human capacity for ambivalence or indecision through the polarities of ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and ‘yes/no’. Through dialogue and movement, we hope to bring to light our habitual responses, our ‘gut feelings’ and deep longings, our ambivalences, the rules we have learned or set ourselves to approach or avoid one another. The link with early attachment and the unfinished business of trauma will be discussed.

13-14 April 2019: Field Of Dreams (PP, PD and CP)
Working with dreams in the present moment. Personal dreams, awake dreams, group dreams and dreaming social connection.

25-26 May 2019: Phenomenological Stance: What’s That? (PP, CP)
When one’s experience meets the imagination of the other and both engage with the emerging meaning and ensuing change.

5-6 October 2019 : It’s all psychosomatic!
The impact of neuroscience on the helping professions (lecture, with some experiential)

9-10 November 2019: Heart for the Arts
A workshop for counselors and people working with people (CP, PP)Responding to various forms of artistic expression, meeting others’ response to them, and experimenting with them, in order to develop our own sensitivity and imagination and increase our ability to work phenomenologically with others.

25-26 January 2020: Working with groups
Focussing on group process and dynamics, emerging themes and concerns which shape the experience of the group and its participants.


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