Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy

3rd & 4th December 2022


Dance of Soma & Psyche II: Healing Trauma and the Animal Body

This two-day module explores somatic approaches to healing trauma, drawing on the body’s natural resources and capacity for self-healing.

Neuro-scientific research shows us that the instinctual parts of the brain that process trauma in humans are the same as in any other mammal. However, animals in the wild seem to be able to easily ‘shake-off’ and recover from the freeze response, rapidly returning to normal functioning, while humans experiencing the same immobility response are often not able to regain homeostasis in the same way.

Traumatic symptoms in humans are caused by a ‘frozen’ residue of energy, that has not been resolved or discharged after a traumatic event. This residue remains trapped in the nervous system, where it causes havoc to our bodies and minds. The key to healing these symptoms lies in being able to mirror the fluid adaptation of animals, as they ‘shake out’ the immobility response, and return to full mobility and functionality.

We will cover:

  • Stabilising and establishing a sense of safety in the body

  • The physiology of fight / flight and freeze

  • Working with fear and anxiety

  • Working safely to release the fight response – anger and aggression

  • Somatic Experiencing techniques for working with trauma

  • Working somatically to re-establish and strengthen boundaries after trauma

  • Helping clients out of a dissociative state and back into their bodies

Working with the ‘animal’ body, using visualisation and movement

MODULE 2 Belfast

3rd & 4th December 2022

11am – 6pm

Venue Belfast:
Maitri Studio (map)

4 The Mount,
Belfast BT5 4NA

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