Northern Ireland Counselling Forum

Charlotte Denny

It is with deep regret that I am posting this message.

Charlotte was a Founder Member and Secretary since 2004 and sadly passed away after a long and arduous illness, bravely borne, on 30th January.

Due to ill-health she had to step down, though continued to be a great supporter during this time when she was able.

Charlotte was a Counsellor, Supervisor and OCN Course Author and Trainer with Life NI.

Charlotte was a lot more than that she was a wife and mother to four children whom she adored and was very protective.

Charlotte, from the word go and, through her life and work, was the consummate professional, however, she had warmth, charisma, charm, and humour – she was an inspiration to be with. She had a passion for life and a belief in her work. Everything she did had at its core a belief in the value of the human person, and always wanted life to be better for those who worked alongside her and, those she served through counselling and supervision. Her ability and capacity to lead through a shared vision, her humility to work in a team, to be open to the opinion of others and her courage in the face of challenge was infectious.

Charlotte was very shy, and many didn’t realise what a gem was in their midst. She was very gifted and hardworking to the nth degree and got on with the job in hand and many times was not appreciated, however she carried on – a true trouper!

Such a person of high principle, and it has been a blessing in every way possible to have known and loved her. Yes, she was scatty and unassuming, however, she then gave and encouraged others the opportunity to shine…….

We will miss her….. Brenda

Funeral Mass will take place on Monday 5th February at 10am St. Comgall’s Church, Brunswick Road Bangor BT20 3DS