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Bereavement: A Journey of Loss, Grief and Hope

Elaine Martin (MBACP) Registered (CYP, Adults & Couples) & Regional Trainer for Cruse NI

What do we understand about the process of bereavement?  All of us have experienced loss and grief in our lives whether it is a missed opportunity, a consequence of a life changing event, a loss of a relationship or a childhood dream. Or the hardest one, the death of a loved one. Here we can we explore the process of bereavement and perhaps an opportunity to grow and understand ourselves better through the journey that this takes us through.

In this presentation Elaine Martin will guide us through our understanding of bereavement. The stages and types of grief, and how best to manage these. Then show how life does go on, albeit in a different direction. 

During our time together, we will delve into the multifaceted nature of grief, loss of relational attachment and exploring the different stages and types of grief. Elaine will provide practical insights on how to navigate these stages and offer strategies for managing grief effectively. Moreover, we will explore the notion that life does go on, albeit in a different linear direction, the cultural diversity in navigating through loss and the importance of how the mode of death affects the ability to eventually gain acceptance. We will look at the changes pre- & post-Covid, and share client stories on how they have navigated through their grieving processes. Finally, she will share valuable tools that can be instrumental in demonstrating and embracing this new chapter.

Elaine has been a volunteer for Cruse Bereavement Care for 13 years, working with adults and CYP. She is also a member of Cruse Critical Incident team. She has also been a Regional Trainer for Cruse NI and UK for 10 years, training new volunteers in how to work with Bereavement & Loss, Suicide & Trauma.

Date: Saturday 27th January 2024

Time: 10am-12.30pm

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