Northern Ireland Counselling Forum

A Father’s view of Grief, Healing & Moving Forward

Philip McTaggart
Founder of PIPS/MD Mindskills Training, Coaching & Wellbeing
Personal and Professional Life Coach

Since the loss of his young son in 2003 Philip McTaggart has been working in the area of mental health and suicide prevention.  He has been fully dedicated to creating awareness in the community about the causes and repercussions of suicide and mental health.  His aim has been to highlight these issues and promote positive mental health encouraging people in the local community to break down the barriers and stigma which stop people seeking help.  Philip has been delivering suicide prevention and awareness training in his own unique way for many years now and is well experienced. Galvanising others around him he was the founder of PIPS (Public Initiative for the Prevention of Suicide & Self-harm) and has helped establish two dedicated prevention centres in North Belfast, he is also a professional personal and business life coach and accredited trainer.  Philip has provided training to various types of organisations and groups including Schools, Youth & Community Centres, Church groups, Local Businesses MLAs and Government Agencies. Philip has also been a speaker on these issues in America, France and Britain

In today’s world everything is so fast and furious that sometimes we don’t see what is right in front of our eyes.   Suicidal people often signal their intent, whether it is verbally or through behavioural change.  

Many bereaved families including myself regret that if they had been able to recognise a sign that something was wrong, then maybe, just maybe they might have been able to save their loved one’s  life.  

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