Wednesday 12th December 2018 – Round The Table Discussion

Round The Table Discussion

The meeting is being held at Mossley Mill, on Wednesday 12th December and we are inviting BACP members with experience of work with older clients to join us to add their voices, knowledge and learning to our older people strategy work.

The meeting will provide an overview of BACP strategy to increase access and provision of counselling for older people, in response to the high prevalence and low levels of detection and treatment of common mental health problems in later life.


There will be an opportunity to discuss the three strands of the strategy:

  • Increasing understanding of efficacy and perceptions of counselling for older people.
  • Calling for increased provision and access of services.
  • Promoting work with older clients to the counselling professions.

Workshop discussions will focus on ‘barriers’ and ‘enablers’ to accessing therapy.

Drawing on the direct experience of BACP members who work with older clients provides us with insights and examples that will inform and support future work in this area.

If any of the NICF members would like further details or to conform attendance, we’ll be very pleased to hear from them and they can confirm interest with me directly or by calling me on 01455 883 347.

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